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Time is of the essence, against us at times, and sparse.

The new EP is nearly ready. Major thanks to Bob Bowling for intensive hard word and wonderful creative touches throughout the process. (Not to mention patience.) The working title: “It’s ok to be haunted” sums up the lessons of the past we are typically all-to-ready to forget. But this record for me is about celebration of all the twists and turns that have put me here—on my on two feet.

I’m proud of this songs and grateful for the opportunity to share them with you.

Look for me to get my act together sooner or later with some site updates… you know, maybe an actual home page, or more frequent updates. The EP will be available for free on Bandcamp shortly, facebook, twitter, et al. can keep you as up to date as you want to be.

Cheers & thank you-




of these things that bring us closer

words pale
scent hints
touch alludes
your energy pulls
bites at my ear and sends chills
from neck
to spine
to fingertips
that extend the pulse back
completing the sphere that engrosses two
–as one–
celebrating this day
that honors you
with a gift
that rises each day like the sun
and tucks each evening
behind the stars that shine
in your eyes
so deep
and full
just as warm
just as nurturing
each day
beyond today

at the same time

To feel so heavy
yet light at the same time
the weight of lead
molten heart
that floats on air

absorbing past and future
in this one tiny instant

barely comprehending
but knowing time
will shift forward
hopefully at low speeds
so I can take in this view
and breathe this fresh air

To feel so cold
yet warm at the same time
my fingers tingle with frost
and delight
but my chest pumps


this is delicate
this is a gift
as the sun bends corners
of the room, of my mouth
reflects the edges of a lamp that’s seen more life than I

objects more than photos speak of the past
through dust they scream for us to “look out”
see what’s coming
see what is
before it isn’t

owing time
not for this place
but for my fear and shortcomings
and for this clarity
at the same time

a few days

It’s not at all like you thought it would be
perhaps your heart started talking to your head
maybe the you you’re trying to find
isn’t you at all
In looking, you’ve created
and have mistaken new
for right

funny what a few days can do
to turn perspective
to propagate reason that seemed unreasonable

and your words have once again fallen short
and convoluted a truth
that rests in the dark
out of reach from us

like time swept dust
that keeps escaping
sand in your hands
that’s what we were
warm and unforgettable
but soon to be forgotten

as you take to new shores
on a boat with no oars
in a race you can’t win

but go ahead
find it for yourself
and please don’t be disappointed
or angry with me
because there’s a chance I’m right

but if I’m wrong
then my whole life is built upon
a shaky foundation
that should’ve crumbled long ago


A Gift

as your skin melted
I found freedom
the control I had been missing
your beating heart was not mine
in that moment, or this
but your body was

clinging to the sensation of warmth
sharing honesty unlike any you knew
as the train rumbled overhead
a stopwatch reminding us to breathe

telling us life was still out there
reminding you of heartache
in the midst of solace
but showing me once again
that if nothing else exists
I still do

and I can’t contemplate
where our connection began
and our bodies ended
or how a perfect set of moments
swept in like a pervading wind
then out to sea again

it went from dusk to dark
and for hours I could only see your outline
and touch
deep inside

but not deep enough
to eradicate despair
to teach you that everything
will always be alright

and I find I’m partial
to an end that really never began
if I blink
this never happened
if I exhale
you’re completely gone


You broke my heart, so I’m keeping the change jar

I can’t find a reason to change the things that still linger around me
the wooden spoons by the stove
this one coffee mug that doesn’t match a thing
there’s a bottle of wine from a trip across the country
waiting for a reason to be opened

As dust collects on pieces
the remaining parts integrate

If I don’t think
it doesn’t matter
If I think
it doesn’t matter

that stain on the carpet
is from the last day you were here
scrubbing my heart with liquid bleach
trying to resolve
all the permanence of things
that aren’t permanent at all

does it matter if all the doors are closed
when the cold air still pushes through the cracks?
beneath the floorboards pulsing upward
locking my feet into old familiar steps

but the light gets in too
and I think it doesn’t matter
no, it doesn’t matter

so at every turn there’s something old that’s new
there’s something that reminds me to forget about you
and I’m happy,
happy to serve a dish that brought me praise
on one of the uncracked plates that remains
in a cupboard above the greenery
that you taught me to keep alive

but it’s decided. I’m keeping the change
I’m cashing it in
to take away a place
where the emptying of our pockets met
and petty dreams chime
in wait of some grand idea

here’s to the things that never will be
here’s a penny for new thoughts
new hopes
new dreams

I’m cashing in

Brand new thought.

I had the first line. Everything else just happened. It’s rare and magical that way. But I gratefully accept. Enjoy.



A gentle voice

I said my final goodbye standing cold in the rain
a sunday 3 days before the end of the world
it was morning, it was grey
ended as I imagined, only worse

such a weak pop, with little ignition
it’s only love
it happened before
it’ll happen again
I’ll descend for a moment then rise rise rise
like all the sunken vessels we’ve talked about
like all the words that now mean nothing

love is not love if you can’t feel it
love is not love when it’s not yours
when your parting gift is handing the baton to a stranger
but never seeing the end of the race

I need to keep running

such a gentle voice, faintly trembling
it’s only goodbye
it happened before
I’ll live in hello again
dropping from the sky like a shooting star
like all the stars we’ve talked about
and your words will mean nothing soon

love is not love if you can’t feel it
love is not love when it’s not yours
when a torch burns out in the brightest light
that leaves you in the darkest shadow (for now)

I need to keep running

until I can no longer hear
those words, those words I’ve feared
no more running while standing still

I can no longer hear
I can no longer hear
it’s no longer here

A name in lights to come.


Just wow. @ Johnny Brendas Last night.


Acoustic show in Collingswood

Collingswood library. 6:30p +  followed by Tommie griggz. I’ll be on percussion for his set.

$5 suggested donation goes to the Almost Home Animal Shelter.

771 Haddon avenue Collingwood nj
See you there————-

What’s in a word?

a part  is any of the components of a whole; a portion  is a part allotted to or regarded as belonging to someone; a piece  is a part separated from the whole; a division  is a part formed by classifying, cutting, partitioning – and so is a section , though it is generally smaller; a segment  is a part separated along natural lines of division; a fragment  is a small part, usually broken off.

Went well.


Polished Concrete Floors

No matter how pristine
These things are cold
In their own swirling atmosphere
Texture unfolds
To remind me of resilience,
How age looks when it’s finished

That my life can be reflected
Even when I can barely see
Inside a house that’s not a home
These concrete floors break like bones
When I come crashing down

So I polish out the bloodstains
Til colors shine like neon lights
But I shudder that what I see,
Only seems to live beneath the cracks
Stones that once embedded earth
Crushed now to support my feet

and all the things I drop
all these things I drop
Get lost in sand
Each grain devours moments
Hardened, gleaming, cold
Left behind

That my life can be reflected
Even when I can barely see
Inside a house that’s not a home
These concrete floors break like bones
When I come crashing down
crashing down
like all these things I drop

William Elliot Whitmore

Got some slack for posting videos that weren’t “videos.” Check out this great song, delivered by an even greater voice.

fan of shades


Camera 360

one day closer to knowing

sitting in the dark is hard to do
for too long
it’s an easy way to lose faith
without reassurance
without knowing
that the light you put forth is not reflected

but it just takes time

i hope that this time you’re right
that’s all it is
but time moves on
emotions are so hard to control
but a succinct stride will lead me back home
and tomorrow i won’t fail
i’ll be alright

white birch

Since we have no videos yet, thought I’d post one and see how this baby works.

tech no fun

This means I can put you directly on TLiY homepage at any time. So be aware, be very aware.